It's been a while since I've posted anything...its been pretty quiet around her for the past year.  In August 2018 Blanka whelped a small litter of 2 - The Double Litter. February 25 Blanka started her heat cycle and we were waiting for the timing to arrive to mate her to Dominic.  I did progesterone testing to make sure we would get the timing right and in case we needed to artificially inseminate her.  Dominic arrived in Canada February 1 and this is our first time asking him to perform his studly duties.  Well, he was frustrated, as well as we were, when her heat cycle turned into a false cycle.  After 6 progesterone tests where numbers did not rise to the point of ovulation, we realized that we weren't going to breed her at this time.  I was hoping that it was a split cycle, meaning that in a few weeks, the real heat cycle would start.  That is exactly what happened - on March 26 she started again and by all indications it looks like a true cycle.  No testing this time - I'm going to trust Dominic to tell me where things are at.  Back this up a few weeks - Stella started her cycle a few weeks ago and Dominic bred her naturally Mar 28 & 29 - no A.I. which makes us very happy - if the breeding took, she should have her litter around May 30.  Looking forward to a busy spring/summer with puppies.....when it rains it pours...we expect Reese to cycle in the next month and our plan is to pair her with Dominic.