Well, after much anticipation, the Dream Litter has arrived.  Not exactly how I envisioned it happening, but happy to say everyone is doing well. First puppy arrived at 5:35 pm - right during supper time. Jazz had a hard time delivering it and needed our help.  6:53 - 2nd puppy born - a big boy - again she needed help.  I was a bit concerned at this point because it was taking huge energy to deliver these pups.  The 3rd one came along at 9:30 pm...again needed help so after a consultation with my vet I packed everyone up and went to the vet clinic for a C-section to deliver the rest.  While we have needed c sections before, what was new was that I was the assistant...it was a good experience.  Thought that one of the girls had not made it...after much rubbing and toweling off she finally started taking a few visible breaths...followed by some squealing.  We were back home at midnight...tired but happy everything turned out well.  Jazz will need recuperating time while taking care of her puppies...I have taken the week off so I can attend to their needs.  2 males are still available for reservation.  Will post pictures later.