I am really wondering where the last 4 weeks went!  Can't believe the puppies are 28 days old!  Such changes in the past week.  They've experienced a few firsts:

1.  We expanded their living area from a 4 x 8 whelping pen to a 12 x 12 room.  They were ready - was amazed how steady they were on their 3 week old legs.

2.  The had their first outdoor adventure.  I think I had more fun than the puppies.  They were a bit tentative...weren't sure about the tickley grass underneath their paws.  It will only get better.  Some hardly ventured off the blanket and others sniffed around.  It helped when mom lay down to feed them - putting them right at ease.

3.  First meal - first meal other than what mom provides, that is.  I often start puppies earlier than 4 weeks - often depends on size of litter and mom's milk supply.  With only 5 pups, she's had more than enough milk for them.  Georgia looks really good - often by the 4 week stage mom can be looking quite skinny...Georgia is put at a perfect weight right now
The feeding went really well.  I put some puppy food kibble (Performatrin Ultra Turkey, Duck Salmon) through the blender to make a gritty substance - added hot water to soften it up and mixed some puppy replacement powered milk to make it a rich blend of puppy mush.As soon as the first one figured out how to lap it up, the others her her slurping and wanted some of what she was having.  Ms orange lay down beside the dish and was more interested in the dish than the food.  I kept dipping my fingers in it and she very willingly licked it off my fingers...eventually she at from the dish also.  They ate almost everything I had prepared....let Georgia in their room to clean up the dish and the pups got to nurse on her for dessert.    

Their teeth came in earlier than normal.  At three weeks they all had teeth poking through - often this is more at 3 1/2 weeks.  I am very happy with their development.  Their coats are becoming fuller and longer.  They have very nice heads with short profiles...a few have more gold highlights than others.  

Vet appointment/vaccinations have been arranged for June 29....right after that I travel to a friend of mine who tattoos their ears...this is for identification purposes and will appear on the official registration papers.

Puppy selection will take place Jul 1-3 - picking will be in order of deposit received.  If there are any issues/conditions revealed at the vet appointment that will be mentioned before any puppies are picked.  The vet will check for heart murmurs, check eyes, ears, joints, and whether both testicles have descended for the boys.