It's a new year...full of promise, adventure and of course the Canadian litter going to their new families in a few weeks.

We are in a very good place with litter.  Everything is going well- every meal time is met with hunger and gusto. I gauge a lot of things by their poop.  When I notice there is something other than  firmly formed poop, I start worrying. So the scoop on poop is that everyone's systems are working the way they should.

Puppies are very playful...only Mr Orange bullies now and then.  He is the biggest at 3.3 kgs with Ms Green the smallest at.1.52 kgs.  I'm happy with the gains.  Friday is vet day....they will get their first set of vaccinations and get a general physical check up.  Focus is on detecting heart murmurs and for the boys, checking to see if both testicles have descended.  They will also get tattooed that afternoon - I bring them to a breeder friend who has been doing my tattoos for years.

Individual pictures have not worked out so far - will try again this week...impossible to do by myself...need another set of hands for the process.