4 weeks old...half way there.  Apologies for no blog post on Wednesday.  The week got away on me.  The puppies had some major "firsts" this week.  I was away Monday-Wednesday for work and the puppies were in the capable care of my husband Bruce.  When i left, the pups were not very mobile - unsure of their bigger space we gave them.  I got back Wednesday evening and what a change!  I walked in and they were moving around, fighting, obviously very comfortable with their space.  It was as though they matured 1 week instead of 3 days!  I started them on a few feedings of puppy food softened and blended to a smooth purree.....they're doing pretty good with the food.  The other first was experiencing the great outdoors.  They weren't too sure at first...the feeling of grass under their paws...didn't take long and they were walking around sniffing everything.  Jayda was very attentive...if they cried too much she'd let them feed, which settled them down.  My grand daughter Chandra visited while they were out and had a great time with them.  They respond very well to human voice...those little tails begin wagging at the first word.
This week, weather permitting, I will continue to take the puppies outside and watch their confidence grow with each session.  I will also increase the amount of feedings until they are on a 4x a day schedule.  I must say they are beautiful pups!