Oh my - checked my last post and see that it's 2 weeks ago - wow, did time fly!  Apologies for the gap in posts - have been a tad bit busy with 2 litters.  The puppies are beautiful in every way - long fluffy coats, black pigment, large heads, dark expressive eyes and that true golden temperament - fun loving and affectionate.  Two females stand out with their personalities  - blue collar girl is feisty and playful and assertive.  No fear - she's the first one to be done with a feeding - it's like she thinks she's missing something - she barks at us and loves our attention.  Red collar girl is a lot like her - just take it down a  notch - also one to wander around the yard with no fear - while most of the puppies stay in a certain area - red and blue collar are off galavanting an exploring.  The other 4 years are very similar in temperament - confident, outgoing, affectionate.  The two boys are very much the same - sporting nice large blocky heads and stocky bodies. 
This past weekend we started the puppies on softened puppyfood - first feeding frenzy was a success - the heads went down and their noses were in the food - little tails wagging with the sounds of slurping.  They ate every morsel of that feeding.  When I put them back in their box, their stomachs had expanded in a big way.  Not every feeding is a good one but they are enjoying the "big puppy food" and Jazz is relieved that she's not in demand all day long.    They'll be five weeks on Thursday - really waiting until the 6 week stage where they really come into their own.