A bit of growth in the last few days - 39 inches or 99.06 cm...starting to doubt my prediction of 6 or 7 pups!  We're still going for slow short walks..Gloria is eating less at meals - occasional vomiting - all normal at this stage in her pregnancy - pups are taking up a lot of room.  This is my favorite time - love to feel the puppies, move, squirm and kick...validation that there is life in that large mid section.  Will start taking her temperature this week.  It will help me understand what her normal body temperature is....a pregnant dog's temperature dips below 97 Celcius - the indication that delivering pups is very soon.  Things I look for:  she will be very uncomfortable when sitting -constantly shifting her weight and position  - sign that the pups are moving towards the birth canal; she will lose a mucus plug; she will be clingly - won't let me out of her sight; will stare at her back end a lot - there will be some shivering - the first sign that labor has started...she will also go off her food 24 hours or more before she gives birth.