Gloria is bursting at the seams - she is now officially under 24 hour puppy watch - she was caught digging a big hole in her outdoor pen today - I have a much nicer place in mind for whelping her pups!  Her breathing pattern is more panting now so I believe she may be in the very early stages of giving birth.  I really hope she waits until Saturday during the day - don't think I've recovered from the all nighter I pulled with Jazz.  I'll be setting my alarm tonight to make sure I don't sleep through anything - Gloria is an easy whelper and fantastic mom so I fully expect the birthing to be much quicker than Jazz's.
Gloria's girth measures a matronly 92.71 cms (36.5 inches)  a bit bigger than her last pregnancy.  Hopefully the next post will be reporting on the size of Gloria's litter.  Stay tuned!