Lots of growth in the last week.  Gloria is measuring  whopping 38.5 inches around her girth.  Starting to look really "full"
Our walk today was half the distance and half the pace...she's still excited about the walk so we'll do it for a few  more days. Trying to be very careful with her to not get bumped by Dinnye - Gloria likes to go in and out a door before Dinnye...a hard bump could cause labor to start early...something we can't afford...puppies would most likely not survive being born a week early.  They do a lot of maturing in their final week of gestation.
This weekend I'll get ready for the birth....they will be born inside our house - have a nice spot in our laundry room which is right outside our bedroom - will be able to attend to every squeal and squeak they make.  They will stay inside for at least 2 weeks - until I'm satisfied everyone is thriving - them move them to their own room in a building in our back yard.  It doesn't matter how many litters we've raised...I still get nervous, anxious and excited about each one...I review my notes on previous litters...reread articles about "what to do" in certain circumstances.  I belong to a golden retriever breeder forum on facebook and it has become a wonderful resource for me - I also learn something new with each litter.  I believe there will never come a time where I think I know it all...it will be a lifelong education.