We are definitely in the fun stage with the puppies.  Lots of play fighting going on - all good natured...once in a while I hear more intense growls but for the most part it's all in good puppy fun.  They all participate in the fighting - sparring partners change all the time.  They tend to play right after a meal....feeding schedule has been 7 am, noon, 5 pm and 10 pm..food is only soaked for 10 minutes down and will be reducing that until they are on dry puppy food..I am now controlling Dion's time with them....I let her spend some time with them right after a meal...they nurse like it's their first meal of the day.  She still feels the need to nurture them...lick their faces after their meals.  I've enlarged their living quarters and starting this weekend they will have access to an outdoor play area.  Also this weekend, the picking begins...people on the waiting list will pick in order...many are from out of province so they will pick from pictures and description by me.  The local people will make the trip to our place to pick in person.
Vet appointment is Wed Aug 28...also the puppys' first car ride.   Time has gone so quickly...it seems like just yesterday they entered this world....always amazed at the changes that take place in a short 6 weeks.