Today was the first day I fed a gruel of puppy food.  They didn't need any coaxing or smearing on their lips - they knew exactly what it was and what to do with it...well, sort of.  Heads were down, lapping up the gruel...they also stood in it....lay in it....sat in it....they were a delightful mess of full, satisfied puppies.  Their area has been expanded so they can stretch their legs - parts of it has straw, which you'll seen in pictures.  We find the straw keeps things clean - is easy to clean up.  Once the puppies were done, I let Dion in so she could finish the leftovers, lick 11 faces clean and all their paws.  Puppies will grow rapidly now - with regular feedings by me and snacking on Dion - they will put on some good weight.  Eight of the puppies are a good size and 3 are still on the smaller side...they will will catch up eventually.