It's a bittersweet time for us...the time when puppies from the E litter join their new famlies.  Sad to see these little guys go but know that they are going to be a part of some great families!  Ms. Red left this morning - on her way to Regina, SK.
Mr. Brown and Ms Blue will leave Saturday morning and Ms Orange on Sunday.  We'll be able to enjoy Mr. Green for an extra two weeks and then he'll make his trip to The Pas, MB.   Little Ms Red was not so little anymore...although still a few pounds lighter than her sisters and brothers, she weighed in this morning at 4.20 kgs or 9.24 lbs.  Considered small for this litter but when compared to past litters of 2012 and earlier - a big puppy!  She is joining her half brother Titan (Gloria x Oz) aka Nugget from a 2012 litter.

The puppies were treated to lots of people, hugs, kisses and snuggling yesterday.  With every litter I try to host a puppy night with fellow employees and their families and friends.  Over  dozen people came to play with them - everyone got their puppy fix and could honestly tell their children that the puppies all had homes they were going to!  Puppies were tuckered out after everyone left.

We will have a summer without a litter this year!  Might even be able to spend some time at our cabin this summer!  Next litter due is Aug 26 - Jazz and Duke  - repeat breeding from 2013.  We expect a fall litter  with Dion and Romeo, depending on mother nature's plans!