Measuring the girls' waistlines is something we do until due date - gives me reassurance that there is a pregnancy and subsequent growth of the puppies.  Gestation would be an average of 63 days.

Dinnye  33 inches or 84 cms  @ 46 days
Jazz    29.5 inches or 75 cms   @  42 days
Gloria   31 inches or 78.74 cms  @  41 days

Each dog is walked about 1/2 hour daily at least 5 days a week - it has been a perfect winter for this.  They should not be gaining weight or size unless they're pregnant - each has increased their girth by an inch or 2.54 cm this past week so this is encouraging.

Ultra sound appointments for Jazz and Dinnye are scheduled for Thursday at 3 pm.  Fingers crossed.