This is a tough post to's not the way I had envisioned for Hope.  4 weeks of nurturing around the clock and needed to make the decision today to say goodbye to Hope.  She had a 4 week assessment today and she still had no eyesight.  Highly likely she was born with no eyes.  There was also strong suspicion that she also had hydrocephalus...with all these things against her, it was obvious she would not have quality of life.  It did not make sense to keep sustaining her life with a bleak future.  So we said goodbye to Hope   Aug 29, 2014 to Sep 25, 2014.  Rest In Peace Little Ms. Blue

As hard as it is, my focus must be on the 5 healthy pups....they are doing so well - they are going to be stunning pups.
I had the first feeding of puppy gruel at supper time today....they tasted it a bit tentatively - then dove in head first....I would say it was a good first feeding....a couple kept going back to the dish to look for a few more morsels.  I will do two feedings tomorrow then the standard 4 feedings a day starting on the weekend.

This weekend I will also be setting up a romantic rendezvous for Dion and Duke...hoping nature will take it's course and the couple will "get together"  If they don't I will take them to my repro vet in Winnipeg and do several AI procedures.  With Dion having an erratic heat cycle I don't want to miss the window of opportunity.  These pups would be born beginning of December.