Last two puppies left this past weekend so we have an empty nest.  The last male from Gloria's litter went to a great family in Brandon - the only puppy from this litter to stay in province!  The others went to Regina, Calgary, Montana, Victoria.
Ms Yellow also was picked up by her family from Fort Frances, ON.  She had a great reunion with Lucy (Ms. Purple) who came along for the pick up.  Ms. Yellow is now Des (Short for Destiny) and will be a great addition to their family. She was a very healthy 26 pounds at her check up on Monday, so the injury has not stunted her growth as was predicted. I am thankful for that! I've had great reports from people that have bought puppies from me in the last few months.  I enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to continued emails and pictures as their puppies grow.  Upcoming plans including a Nov/Dec rendezvous between Dinnye and Duke - we hope that in the past 6 months Duke has matured and will now be capable of fulfilling his stud duties.  He's not just a pretty face!