Easy going is one of the best phrases I can come up with for the E Litter...just so happens to start with an E!  I admire them for how they transition with changes...the car ride to the vet....introducing them to the outdoor puppy area....no whining..no whimpering..they take it all in and enjoy it.  Every litter is different and I must admit this is one of the easiest I've had...6 puppies in itself is more manageable than 11.

Their growth rate is very good.  A lb every 2-3 days...so those small 6 week puppies could have up to 4 more pounds by the time they're picked up.  I am feeding 4 cups 4x's a day..have still been soaking for a few minutes...this weekend I will reduce the water and soaking time until they're on dry food.  I haven't had the heart to reduce Gloria's time with them....she just loves her puppies and they love her.  She has the choice of being in an outdoor area by themselves or join the puppies in their outdoor space...she's usually in their space....pretty sure she still feels the need to watch over them.  Its been very interesting watching the interaction...they still like to steal as many "sips" from her as possible....she has very subtle body language....if she's chewing on something, they want to check it out and try to take it from her....I see them back off and sit down to just observe...something in her mannerism told them to keep their distance.  I didn't hear a growl....it's really quite fascinating.   This is the time period where puppies learn social skillls...they learn from each other and of course their mom.  That is why it is important for puppies to stay till the 8 week stage....lots of life lessons.

Socialization is very important and they will have visitors next week...neighborhood families as well as my co-workers with their families.  The puppies love it and the families get their puppy fix.  And when the kids beg their parents to let them have a pup I can tell them honestly that they all have families waiting to take them home with them!

I have the next 4 days off and will spend as much time with them as possible.  Ms Pink will be staying with us so I will start her training...it's been a long time since I've had a puppy around...counting on Gloria to help with the training!

It's also been a busy week with multiple trips to Winnipeg to breed Jazz to Duke.  I'll give Duke top marks for trying to perform his studly duties but at the end I had to take them to artificially inseminate Jazz - did this twice so fingers crossed the breeding is successful and will have puppies around August 26th.   Still waiting for Dion to cycle...when that happens Romeo will be her suitor.