The E Litter is on the move..which makes my visits so much more fun.  Up until now the pictures have been of sleeping puppies...namely because that is what they did the first two weeks...aside from eating and pooping.  Their awake periods are longer and more frequent and they are in a frenzy when their mom walks by. 

My favorite moment so far was on Monday...they were awake and moving around in their box so I climbed in and got on my knees with head at their level....they looked at me and four of them started barking and growling!  Very cute...some of them were barking as though they were startled..some sounded like they were challenging me.  Ms. Orange was the only brave one that came charging at me on wobbly legs, falling on her face in front of me....she wanted to check me out.  I must confess...don't tell the other puppies...that Ms. Orange is my favorite.  She is the one that has responded to my holding them....likes to nuzzle my neck and then looks for my chin to sniff and lick...then she puts her head back an stares at me in wonder.  Think she's going to be a cuddler.

They will get stronger and steadier on their legs this week...the play fighting has begun...good natured right now and pretty much just gumming each other...teeth will come in in the next week and fighting will be more intense and with more intent.  Personalities will really start to present themselves next week.  Gloria will start feeding them while standing...again all to strengthen their legs.

4 Weeks will be a pretty significant stage in their lives....will be walking around without wobbling....will have their first puppy mushed food at this age and will be introduced to the back yard.