4 weeks old!  This was a big week for the E litter.    On Wednesday I introduced them to puppyfood that was put through a blender and soaked in hot water to make a nice fine mush.  They loved it!  Typical feeding - noses down - the smaller ones climbing on top of the dish for a better angle...groans of being full after the frenzy...then licking the morsels off each other faces and paws.  Gloria comes in to finish off any leftovers and they seize the opportunity for a few sips of milk.  I fed twice on Thursday - 2nd feeding wasn't very good - they may have just dined on Gloria.  Saturday and Sunday I did 3 feedings - they all went well.  Starting Monday there will be 4 square meals a day and Gloria will still feed them in between - should see some substantial weight gains in the next few weeks. Ms Orange is the biggest at 2.12 kgs (4.66 lbs) with Ms Red still the lightest at 852 grams. (1.87 lbs)

On Friday I took all the puppies into the backyard one by one with Gloria. They did really well with the change of environment  - they were fascinated with the grass - mostly the feel of it under their feet.  On Saturday I took the whole crew out onto a blanket in the backyard.  They were curious - ventured off the blanket to explore and with Gloria there to snack on, they felt safe. 

Nails are clipped and they were dewormed for the 2nd time.  

added later:  Forgot to mention that their teeth started poking through on Tuesday of this past week.  They are also free to roam outside their whelping box....opened the door so they can go in and out at will.  They're loving the extra room to walk around.  I also put a big dog bed in their room and have walked in a few times with all of them snuggled up and sleeping.

This next week  we will see some really good gains with the 4 meals a day.  They will have better control with their walking and may even see a few start running around.  They are all very excited when I walk into their room...pretty sure its because I represent their next meal!