Happy Easter!    Lots to be thankful for.  Gloria is growing weekly - her girth is now 36.5 " (92.71 cms)  Gloria has a shorter body so she shows fairly quickly and bulges outward.  She is looking very pleased about herself.. I'm pretty sure Dinnye is not pregnant...unless there's a single puppy - she has not grown in girth...her personality is a bit different than normal and that's why we were holding out that she may be pregnant.  It is disappointing...I guess she just wasn't meant to be a mom again.  She is 7.5 years and we will be spaying her...she will join our youngest daughter Paige this summer as she is moving to a small acreage.  Dinnye and Paige have always had a special bond.
We are expecting Dion to cycle in the next month...we will mate her to Romeo and have started taking reservations for her litter.
Jazz will have the last litter in 2014 - most likely in fall.  I may look at repeating mating her to Duke as their pups were really nice.