How do you measure 10 visits to the puppies...that seems to be how I am measuring time and progress.  10 days old doesn't sound like much but then again May 11th seems a distant memory.  When the puppies get to 10 days I worry less about their well being - still attentive and observant - just not fussing over every squeak and whine.  They all feel strong and some are down right chunky. I continue to give Ms Red her special time with Gloria - when you're that small you get shoved aside and tossed around so i give her alone time with Gloria.   By Sunday most will have doubled their weight - even little Ms Red.  

We have our first escape artist...Bruce was home today and checked in on the pups and found one outside the whelping box with Gloria.  It was bound to happen - a few of the girls were hanging out close to the opening that Gloria enters and exits.  There's one in every litter...he didn't happen to notice which hunch is its Ms. Orange.  Their eyes will be open by Sunday  - they are very alert and sensitive to Gloria's every movement.    Gloria is back to normal - has recuperated well.  She is very proud of her babies