It is with 98% certainty that Gloria is pregnant!  5 days ago I wasn't seeing enough signs that indicated the breeding had taken.  There were a few things - she was resting more - stretching out on the living room floor and sleeping.  Normal for her is sitting by our livingroom window and watching the neighbors and street activity. She ate very little last week - she normally has a good appetite.  Even a rustling of a bag did not pique her attention enough to check to see if it meant food.  On the weekend I measured Gloria and Dinnye's girth - both measured a svelte 33 inches.  Each day, with their walk, I've been noticing Gloria's sides starting to bulge - measured her again and she's 34.25 inches....Dinnye measured the same 33 inches...but to my eyes she is "hanging lower" - her body shape is also changing.  She is about 2 days behind Gloria with her due date...I'll need a bit more time to tell with her.