We are in the home stretch.  Today is Day 50 of Gloria's gestation period.  Day 63 is the target date for her litter...should be within a day either way since we have exact dates of mating.  Gloria measures 37" (93.98 cms)  She was 37.25" with her litter in 2012 with 9 pups.  She is still enjoying our daily walks...1 mile is still a good distance though our pace is a little slower than usual and she's quite tired by the time we're back home.  Maintaining her muscle tone is very important to the birthing process...it takes a lot of energy to push out 8-10 pups and the muscle tone will help her with stamina.  I expect her shape to change this week - the puppies are going to do most of their growing/maturing from now till her due date so there will be more weight gain and we will see bigger bulging at the sides.  This will be the best Mother's Day present ever!