Big week for the pups. They had their first car ride on Thursday afternoon - the 6 week check up - my vet is 1/2 hour away.  I believe this is the first litter that did none of the "3Ps"  No poop there or back - I'm always armed with papertowels, washcloths, towels because it always happens.  They were such a well behaved group - hardly a peep or whine to and from the vet....I also made the trip to the person who tattoos the puppies - so quite an afternoon for them....they are troopers!
At the vet:  We're always hoping and expecting that every litter gets a clean bill of health.  Two of them - the smallest of the litter - Ms Red and Mr Green have Grade 1  heart murmurs  also called innocent heart murmurs.  Murmurs are graded on a scale from 1 to 4 with 1 being least serious.  These two have Grade 1s.  In the last 5 years we've had several pups with heart murmurs and all have no trace of a murmur by the 4 month check up.  It is understandable that there is concern/angst about taking a puppy with a vet is available for a consultation on the murmurs.  In all previous cases, the owners have taken their puppies home with the information I can provide and my written promise that I am there to help financially if the murmur would stay and need medication.  We are grateful that the puppies have cleared in a short while.

This is also a big weekend as the puppy picks have started.  For the females, Ms Pink is my pick...Ms Orange was picked yesterday.   The boys will be picked today.  The puppies love the visits and the extra opportunity to run around the back yard. 

6 week weights:

Ms Orange  4.10 kgs   9.02 lbs
Ms Pink        4.10 kgs   9.02 lbs
Ms Blue       3.41 kgs   7.50 lbs
Ms Red        2.38 kgs   5.24 lbs

Mr Brown     3.61 kgs   7.94 lbs
Mr Green      2.86 kgs   6.29 lbs

This week will include several other visits from neighborhood families as well has my co-workers and their families one evening this week.  I am proud to say that all puppies are confident happy go luck puppies - no scaredy cats....they are curious adventuresome pups - which means Gloria has a hard time finding a spot on the yard they can't get to....they till take very opportunity they can to snack on her.

A reminder that I will be picking the CKC registered name - it's the E litter so all names will start with an E - an example is:  Goldsmith's Easy on the Eyes.

This weekend is also busy with bringing Jazz to Duke for matings....yesterday's attempt was not successful - have an AI appointment Monday afternoon to make sure some kind of breedings take place.  These puppies will be due around Aug 23 - waiting list is almost full.