I am guilty guilt guilt of not posting any blogs.  Apologies...the time got away on me.  5 weeks old and getting livelier every day.  They're pretty sturdy on their legs and try running when they're in the back yard.  They are interested in every weed and leaf - for carrying, chewing or just swatting at.  This is the week when I have that "ah ha" moment..the moment I see that they are bigger.  This is also the week where I increased their food intake...they went from not finishing everything to licking the plate clean.  And every meal ends exactly the same....with Ms Red lying on top of the dish and eating, while the rest have gone off to play.

I am feeding a Pet Value brand of puppy food.  Performatrin Ultra Grain Free with duck, turkey and salmon.  They are being fed 4 times daily.  7 am, noon, 5 and 9:30 pm.  Gloria also is allowed to go into their pen at any time to nurse them.  This will stop after they're 6 weeks old...at that point I will let her nurse morning and evening.

I have ordered some small tunnels for them to play with - should be here anyday - they should have lots of fun with them.
Here are today's weights....the bigger pups are gaining a lb every 2-3 days.

Ms Orange  3.15 kgs    6.93 lbs
Ms Pink       3.15 kgs     6.93 lbs
Ms Blue       2.55 kgs     5.61 lbs
Ms Red       1.61 kgs      3.54 lbs
Mr Green     2.10 kgs     4.62 lbs
Mr. Brown    2.91 kgs     6.41 lbs

Thursday is their vet appointment...their first car ride - I put them in kennels in my vehicle - with only 6 it will be quick.  The vet will check them over - check their eyes, teeth, overall body.  She will also check their heart for murmurs.  Occasionally we have murmurs - they've always been graded 1 or innocent - they've gone away by the 4 month check up.  Fingers crossed that they will all get a clean bill of health.  After the vet appointment I take them to another place 20 minutes away for their tattooing - I choose this method of identification.  It will be ENF 1 B    ENF is my breeders series.   1 for the number of pup (1 thru 6) and B represents the year 2014.

I will be contacting puppy owners in the next day about making their pick of the litter. 

This weekend will also be busy with the mating of Jazz to Duke...we've been waiting for Dion to come into season...looks like Jazz beat her.  The puppy on the home page of the website is a male from their litter...absolutely stunning...makes be proud to be a breeder...he is everything i would wish in a puppy I breed.