It's amazing how much developing a puppy does in 21 days.  From blind and deaf and totally dependent on mom to seeing and hearing and responding when i walk in to walking around and play fighting.  The process amazes me every litter.
Puppies will staying in their whelping box 1 more e week  - on the weekend I will move them to a bigger room.  On Thursday I will start feeding them puppy food that has been soaked in hot water and put thru a blender...will resemble a very fine mush which they will love. 
If the weather co-operates they will have their first outside experience. 

Everyday I sit in their box and they are becoming very comfortable with me being there.  I am weighing them every other day and the weight gains are pretty good.  Weights range from 1.45 kgs to 700 grams (Ms Red)