Two weeks old!  Eyes are open...they are reacting to noise.  They are traveling across the whelping box and we had some escapees this last week. One of them was little Ms size has nothing to do with it - it's all about determination. Have raised the door to the box to keep them contained...too young to be venturing out of their safe area. And there's puppy breath...wonderful smelling puppy breath...nothing quite like it!

Weight gains have been mostly good...there's the odd day when one doesn't gain more than a couple of grams...I give them some extra time on Gloria and the numbers continue to go up.  4 of 6 of the pups have doubled their weight - which is right on schedule for the two week stage.  The other two will double their's by Monday.

Two week weights:

Mr. Green        694g     368g birth weight
Mr. Brown        902g     416g birth weight

Ms Red            564g     282g birth weight
Ms Blue            786g    410g  birth weight
Ms Pink         1.05kg    456g  birth weight
Ms Orange      1 kg      440g  birth weight

I will be deworming the puppies tomorrow.  I deworm at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks

This next week will see the puppies become much more active.  Their fur will grow longer and by next weekend will look more like a mature puppy.  They will start interacting some playfighting.  Teeth will poke through the gums between the 3rd and 4th week.  I will start sitting in the whelping box more watching them react to me and observe their developing personalities.  My 22 month old grand daughter Chandra is on a 3 week vacation with her mom in the time she's home, the puppies will be ready to play with her!