8 days have passed since the birth of the E litter and I'm very happy to say that everyone is doing really well.  Gloria has made a good recovery from her c section and spay procedure.  Was concerned at the beginning of the week but she has that gleam in her eye and spring in her step again.  Quite satisfied with all 6 puppies' weight gains.  Again beginning of the week it was a little concerning but now they all look like they've grown a lot.  Ms Pink weighs 694 grams; Ms Orange 612 grams; Mr Brown at 568 grams; Ms Blue at 494 grams; Mr Green at 428 grams and Little Ms Red a a petite 398 grams.  The puppies are going start traveling across the litter box more this week and their eyes will open by around day 12.  Gloria will start spacing out the feedings, though she is still attentive to their every squeak and squeal.  She is now eating her dry kibble willingly...all week I had to bribe her to eat by adding cottage cheese or cooked eggs mixed in with her food.  I am lowering the temperature in their room gradually - still about 26 degrees and will stay at that temp for another week.  Gloria will be thankful when I lower it a few more degrees.  I have made their 6 week appointment at the vet for Friday June 20th.   That is also the weekend that all puppy buyers will make their choices - whether in person or by picture.  I am having challenges adding pictures to my website - something about an outdated Adobe Flash - my settings tell me I have the most recent.  So I will keep adding pictures to the GoldSmith Facebook page.  There's a picture to take everytime I walk into the puppy room.