It's fairly quiet around here....with only 2 puppies around.  Ms Red, Mr. Brown, Ms Blue and Ms Orange left last weekend.
Mr Green, aka Bentley is staying until this Sunday and will head to his new home in The Pas.  Ms Pink aka Ziva may just stay with us.  The two of them have become best buds...have walked them separately with their mom but yesterday tried walking them together...what a gong show...someone should have been taking a video!  Underfoot, crossing under each other leashes, running into each other and I only walked them to the end of our road!  Sniffing everything..stopping and freezing in their tracks at the sound of traffic.  Despite all that they did pretty well.  Gloria continues to make daily visits with her insistance...she still likes to lie in the outdoor pen with them.  She is disciplining them as to what is hers and what is off limits.   A big stick is off limits...As she is gnawing on the stick, the puppies dance around her, lie down beside her, so tempted to try a nibble....she does growl that them...warning them to not even think about touching her stick.
Bought them new stuffed animals on the weekend and the puppies love them...there's a squeaker in them...they immediately took cover in the shrubs in the back yard couldn't see them but could hear the squeaks.  Bentley is a fairly vocal boy...when I pet him he makes these groaning noises...reminds me a lot of his mom Gloria.  He's also a barker.
Bentley and Ziva had their 2nd vaccinations on Thursday...Bentley's Grade 1 heart murmur is gone!  Great news...these murmurs can hang on till 4 months....very excited his is gone already.

We have a visitor for the next 2 weeks...Jazz is staying with us while her caregivers are on holidays.  She is 21 days pregnant...very hopeful the breedings were successful...she has been a bit sick the last few days so that may be an early sign that she is carrying pups.  Her due date is August 26.