The Dream litter is growing up so quickly.  Today was the first day I fed them solids.  They were very ready for the extra food.  Jazz was producing milk but it seemed like it wasn't enough anymore - the gains had slowed down somewhat and they were a bit whiney.  I have some litters where I have to coax some to eat - smear food on their lips so they know that it's food.  Not with this litter - noses in the dishes - some of them climbed right onto the dishes to get the best angle on the food.  It was a very good feeding - they ate almost every morsel - I let Jazz in to clean up the leftovers and they had a chance to get a few sips from her.  They're really starting to look like puppies now - coats are longer - heads and bodies are bigger.  Very happy with their size.  They are a confident bunch - all curious and brave enough to explore new things.  They are always happy to see me - all trying to get close to me.  My "happy place" is sitting in their whelping box - holding and petting them - getting them used to being handled.  By the weekend I will be feeding them 4x's daily  7 am, noon, 5 pm and 10 pm - Each puppy will get about 1 1/4 cup of food spread out throughout the day...I soak their food in hot water and mash it until it is a nice gruel consistency.  For the next two weeks they will also be nursing from Jazz.  By 5.5 weeks I will start weaning them from her - by 7 weeks they will be on dry dog food.  6 week check up will be January 10 at Winkler Vet clinic.