5 weeks old and growing daily...just weighed them all - I am recording their weights about every 3-4 days...necessary so I know that every one is eating a proper ration...lack of weight gain could mean something wrong...so far every meal time the puppies are so ready to eat - heads down until the last bit has been eaten...and looking for more.  Jazz is still feeding at will....by next weekend I will start limiting her visits...is the time to start weaning them at that point.

Mr. Green         3.75kgs (8.25 lbs)
Mr. Orange       3.70 kgs (8.14 lbs)
Mr. Blue Green 3.67 kgs (8.07 lbs)
Mr. Purple         3.66 kgs (8.05 lbs)
Mr. Brown         3.63 kgs (7.99 lbs)
Ms. Pink           3.62 kgs (7.90 lbs)
Ms. Blue           3.50 kgs (7.70 lbs)
Mr. Pink            3.42 kgs (7.52 lbs)
Mr. Red            2.78 kgs (6.12 lbs)

I  am trying a new food with this litter:  Nature's Domain  Salmon & Sweet Potato (grain free)  Jazz was on a grain free food so I decided to try the Costco brand - so far I'm happy with the results....it has the protein/fat content I'm looking for and is cost effective...other grain free brands are close to double the cost.   

I am scheduling puppy picks for next weekend - if you have not heard from me, you will.

Mr. Red  2.78 kgs (6.12 lbs)