Be sure to check out the 6 Week Portrait page.  This was a solo effort - used the timer on the camera  - most of them turned out okay.  Today was a big day for the puppies.  A lot of firsts....first time going outside...first time riding in a vehicle....first vet visit...first vaccinations...tattooing.  They were real troopers...everyone handled it with ease.  Perfect bills of health for all puppies...this has not happened in the last while...the combination of Jazz and Duke is looking to be a perfect "Dream" pairing.
You will see shades of green on the puppies' heads...the tattooing involves green ink and it will come out in the next few days.   Puppy picks happen this weekend - some will pick by pictures and some will pick in person...we are very lucky in that we get to meet a lot of great new people!  Remember, one boy is still available from this litter.