The Dream Litter due date is drawing near!    Jazz is getting so big...she measured 39" (99 cm) around her girth...I think this is the biggest my girls have ever measured...a lot of pups or very good sized pups.  We may get xrays done so we know what to expect.  Jazz's appetite has waned somewhat, though she is always ready for some kind of human food.  She is needing more cuddling and coddling now.  She is still checking out the perfect place to have her choices appear to be behind the couch I sit on; under our deck, and in the shurbbery in the back yard. Of course I will have a nice whelping box ready for that day.   Starting Monday I will begin taking her body temperature two times daily.  There are physical signs when labor has started...a drop in body temperature is a reliable sign that labor is in 24 hours.  Really hoping Jazz waits until next weekend...Saturday would be perfect!    Hopefully when I post again, it will be "The Dream Litter has arrived!"