Puppies are now on 4 square meals a day with Jazz still nursing them througout the day.  They love their food!  Every meal is greeted with great enthusiasm and they don't stop until the last morsel is eaten.  We have expanded their area now to include the entire room they are in - they can still go in and out of their whelping box, but they are loving the extra space.  Blue/Green boy likes to try out his legs - running around cutting corners...he's a bit of a clown. They are playing more now...trying to practice their dominance on each other...all in good fun though - there doesn't seem to be a bully (yet).
Vet appointment - 6 week check up and vaccinations is set up for January 10th.  Selection of puppies will commence Jan 10-12 - those who can make the trip and pick in person will be encouraged to do so - in order of reservation list.  Where distance is too great, pictures will be provided for the selection.  Very very happy with how the puppies are developing.  At 4 weeks the average size was 5 lbs each....I don't think I've ever had so many puppies this size at this age...Duke obviously contributes in a big way to their size....there's a bit of golden color on some of their faces....influences from a few generations are also coming through.