The last 5 weeks have gone by so quickly.  I am so in love with these's been a while since I've had a trouble free litter...knock on wood.   We have a ways to go but am very happy with everything so far.

The puppies are big and appear to be very healthy.  Weight gains are very good - they are now on 4 square meals a day and Jayda still feeds them when she feels it necessary.  By 6.5 weeks I'll start limiting her time with them so they are mostly dependent on solid food.  By 7 weeks they will be eating their kibble dry.

Big week coming up for the puppies.  Vet appointment on Friday....puppy selection on the weekend.  I will be co-ordinating the order of selection in the next day or so.  

Their playtime in the back yard is going very well.  They're getting braver and starting to explore more...less whining and whimpering as they are all enjoying a bigger play area.   By next weekend I will move them into another room - one that has access to a fenced in area.  They can be outside during the times I am home.

One female and one male are available to reserve as of the writing of this blog.