This litter rocks!  Not to jinx myself, but this has been one of the easiest litters to raise.  The delivery was uncomplicated; I have not supplement fed one puppy; no health issues, and now, their vet check was as close to perfect as you can get.
The main concerns are heart, eyes, hernias and knee/hip joints, and teeth....perfect checks for all of them.  For the boys, the vet checks if testicles have decended..just Mr White's have not....not a concern as he will be a pet puppy.  This litter does not have a shy puppy - they are all social, confident, loving and cuddly.  And Jayda has been a perfect mother.  Very thankful for the Designer Litter.

At six weeks, they have changed a lot....they have now been moved to the big puppy room that has a controlled outdoor access....Saturday was the day I changed them over and they loved it....more room to run around  - they can nibble on tree trunks. 

This weekend is also puppy selection weekend.  The girls have been picked in this ordeR:  Orange, Purple, Green, White.
This was done by pictures and descriptions as the new families live a distance away.  For the boys Orange has been picked so far - remainder of the picks to be done this afternoon.   

In about a week's time I will have some socializing evenings for co-workers and neighborhood families.  Everyone gets their puppy fix and my puppies get to meet more people - an important part of the socialization process.