Very eventful week!  Puppies are 6 weeks old and thriving - averaging 6.5 to 7 pounds in weight.  Thursday was their vet visit where they were checked, given vaccinationsm dewormed and given a clean bill of health - someone you always wish for of course.  From there I took them for a tattooeing for identification purposes - the ride home was very quiet!
Later that day, Ms. Yellow was in distress - obvious trauma to her face to I took her to the vet and upon examination - she suffered trauma to her upper jaw and needed a wire inserted to aid in the recovery process.  She is home with us now, convelescing in our home - she is a trooper and is doing as well as can be expected.  After a full recovery we will assess h!er and decide if we will make her available.  She just may land up being the one we keep!   Puppy selection has started - 6 week pictures are posted under "D Litter".  Mr. Blue, Ms. Multi Color and Ms. Pink have been selected.  3rd pick female will be selected in the next 24 hours and 4th pick will happen Sunday afternoon.
We have met some very nice people and look forward to meeting some more!
In the next week puppies will have more visitors, part of the socialization process.  I have a family night with co-workers and will have another night when families in our community.