Are we really at this point again!  With the last puppy from our C litter gone only for a few weeks, we are now 1 week away from our much awaited D litter to be whelped.  This is a litter that has been in the planning stages for over a year.  I had frozen semen from Dewmist Silver Diamond sent to me in April of 2010.  A series of events prevented us from using it on one of our females at the time, so it has sat in it's frozen state waiting for the right opportunity.  Dinnye is the lucky recipient, implanted surgically March 30th.  We waited impatiently for a month so we could do an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.  It was a happy day when we were told Dinnye was pregnant!  I think our vet Jackie was just as excited -  the entire vet office feels this is "our litter"  First time we used the A.I. procedure and it was the first time Jackie used a surgical method to artificially inseminate.  Dinnye is visably pregnant - we're told it's not a very big litter.  Our guess is 4 or 5 pups - we bought a doppler (fetal heart monitor) to check the puppy's heartbeats - we're pretty sure about 4 - hoping for 5!  Xray is planned for May 26 - for peace of mind that on birthing day we know exactly how many puppies will be born and to see if there are any problems that can be detected before the birthing process.  Dinnye has started the nesting process - starting to burrow in places in our shrubs - I watch her prepare the area with care - she has chosen the place where the pups would be born IF she was the one making the decision.  We have a nice whelping box ready for her when the time comes.