1 week old!  Unbelievable!  Puppies are now chunky, which is a very good thing!  I've had my fears about Jazz not producing enough milk to sustain the puppies.  I also had fears about her not taking proper care of them.  Those fears have subsided with their good weight gains and from just sitting and watching her with them.  What a difference from 4 days ago - she is very attentive...cleans them diligently and is concerned with every squeak.I think with Jazz, the maternal instinct kicked in a few days after the puppies were born.  Puppies are awake for longer periods of time and are quite vocal when they think it's feeding time.  They are travelling a little across the whelping box but for the most part sleep side by side or in heaps.  Puppies do not have a shiver mechanism till about 2 weeks old so very important to keep them warm.  Eyes will be opening in the next few days as well as their hearing.  I will post their weights with the next blog entry.