2 puppies left - Ms. Red will be going to California at the end of the week - what a sweet heart - so calm - so laid back - very easy to have around.  Ms. Yellow will be with us a few more weeks - her Dr. appt is Sept 24 and we'll get an assessment as to how her jaw has healed and if there are any long term effects.  She's feeling pretty good now - teasing the smaller puppies - lots of energy.  The best part of raising litters is the part of meeting new people - adding more people to my circle of acquaintances.  This week I met some amazing people picking up their puppies - so happy they are going to such good homes.  In the next year they will send pictures which I will post on their special page - fun for everyone to watch their littermates grow up.  This has been an interesting litter - pretty loud - a few were very vocal when they weren't happy.  Bless you all!