Today is the due date for the Glitter Litter   Juno & Bingley  All week I thought she wasn't going to wait until due date and here we are.  Her temp dropped this morning to 36.7 C - this means puppies should be born within 24 hours - if this is a textbook delivery - so very likely she'll start tonight - almost never fails - litters are normally born during the night - i suppose going back to  their ancestors birthing during the night because it was safer.  I've only whelped a few litters during daylight hours.  Juno has been uncomfortable all week and i think milking it for all its worth.  Her belly's circumferance is 39" or 99.06 cm.  I am estimating 8 pups....number doesn't really matter - my hope is that it is an uneventful delivery of healthy puppies and doesn't need any emergency measures at the vet.  Very ironic that Aug 22 2015 was when Jayda had her last litter and its very likely that will be the date for Juno's litter.

So this will most likely be a 2 part post.  The first one sharing that I think the process has started.  The next one will be sharing the experience of the debut of the Glitter Litter.  Here is Juno on her last day of pregnancy: