We're in the final stretch...a few days to go.  I'm sure Dion is counting down the days also.  She measures at 38.50 inches (96.62 cms) around her girth.  Her temperature is steady at 38.  This is her normal temperature...normally a pregnant dog's temperature will dip well below 37 - once that happens you know that delivery is only hours away.  She's a bit more clingy...underfoot all the time...no appetite for 2 days, which is also normal for this stage.

When it comes down to where she's going to whelp her litter, we of course have picked out a nice comfortable spot.  Dogs have their own idea as to what would be ideal.  Dion spent a few hours in the outdoor pen yesterday...she misses her friends.  I got the SOS call at work, "Dion is under the building and she won't come out...come and get her"  Of course she was going to go there...ideal place to have pups!  When I arrived, I called her and she started to come out, wriggling and squirming until she was out.  Of course I used a treat to coax her.  It goes without saying that she doesn't go anywhere out side now without being on a leash...there's the low bushes and the spot under the deck that would appeal to her to whelp her litter.