The puppies are growing by leaps and bounds - being on 4 solid meals a day puts on the weight and size quickly.  The litter is still all over the map when it comes to size and weight.  If I could fast forward to a year from now, I've got a feeling there will be very little difference in their adult sizes - just now we have the range from the large Ms. Orange and Mr. Yellow to the little boy I've dubbed "Peanut" - he's less than half their size - he's a perfect little puppy - just quite small.  They are a happy go lucky bunch - no real whiners - the bullying is starting - lots of play fighting.  They'll move into the big puppy pen on Saturday - once the last of Jazz's puppies leave - they will love having access to the outside pen.  Ms. Yellow is with this litter mainly because we didn't want her being bumped and played with by her litter mates.  It's working quite well - she's been able to recuperate - the other puppies are quite okay with her being with them.  I will be posting more pictures in the next few days - thanks for your patience.