4 weeks old tomorrow!  That has gone by very quickly - later today I will have the first puppy food feeding with them - puppy food softened with water till it's the consistency of mush.  Puppies have their teeth and will be more than ready to experience solid food.  Gloria is a wonderful mother and will still want to feed them and attend to all their needs.  We had them outside in the backyard yesterday and they did very well.  The puppies are in different sizes - 4 are big - 3 are a medium size and then there's the "peanut"  He was the smallest at birth and was having difficulty gaining weight - mainly because he was getting bumped off the nipple he was latching on.  I have him lapping puppy replacement formula several times a day - he is loving it and gaining properly.  I have no doubt in a year's time he will be at the same size and weight of his littermates.  As small as he is, he's also very resourceful and finds a way to escape the whelping box they're in.