I'm happy (and tired) to let you know that The Classic Rock litter has made their Debut Album, singing back up are 6 bass and 2 sopranos!  Gloria, the lead singer, (also tired) is doing well.  What a day - started with me staying up all night with her because it seemed like she was in early stages of labor.  After noon she started having contractions and the 1st puppy was born.  An hour later and boy arrived - then everything stopped - no contractions in the next 1 1/2 hours - concerned, I phoned my vet and she told me to bring her and the puppies in - arrived at 5 pm - she gave her some oxytocin and by 6 pm she had another boy and at 6:26 pm another boy arrived.  The vet was on call and had an emergency to tend to at their other clinic in the next town, 10 minutes away.  I packed up Gloria and the 4 pups and went ot that clinic - 1 1/2 hours passed and no contractions again - oxytocin was given again - an internal exam by the vet revealed a puppy at the top of the birth canal, head first which was normal, but the front feet were back, making it harder for the puppy to pass through - Gloria gave it a great try and just couldn't push the puppy past her pelvic bone - we made the decision for a c section and by 9:30 pm 4 more puppies were born - 6 males and 2 females - strong healthy puppies.  By 11:30 Gloria was stitched up and moved to a recovery area - we put the puppies on her for that important first sips of her milk (the first 4 pups and nursed several times after birth)  Arrived home by 12:30 am - Paige took the  3 am shift to check on mom and pups and I set my alarm for 5:30 am.  Gloria was groggy from pain medication when I got her home and quite disintereted in the puppies - by 5:30 she had that gleam back in her eye and was very attentive to her puppies - she's very relaxed and very proud of her family!