6 weeks old - can't believe we're at this point already.  What a nice group of puppies - quieter than the D litter - pretty content.  They're in the big puppy pen now - they can come and go inside and out - hardly hear anything from them.  Ms. Red and Ms. Yellow from the D litter are with them - blending quite nicely.  6 week pictures have been posted under Classic Rock Litter - also weighed all of them - a lot of variance in weights and size - beautiful temperaments - they will all make some person/family very happy.  Must say a bit about "Nugget"  He has been special from day 1 - smallest in the litter - had a hard time gaining weight the first few weeks until I started supplementing his meals with puppy starter - his weight took off from then - he is less than half the size of his brothers but he is a perfect little package - Paige has been calling him Nugget and that has become his nickname.  He is very cuddly and loving - I suspect it will take him the full year to catch up to his brothers - do not expect he will be a smaller than average dog at adulthood.  They have their 1 vaccinations on Thursday - fingers crossed all will get a clean bill of health.