It's a little quieter around here these days - 4 from the Classic Rock Litter have gone to their new homes.  Ms. Braun went to Stanton, ND; Mr. Black flew to Victoria on Thursday and Mr. Yellow's owner flew to Winnipeg from Calgary to pick him  up and fly back that same day.  On Friday Ms. Orange was picked up in person by her owner from Montana and flew back home with her in cabin!
 That leaves 4 boys and Ms. Yellow from the D litter.  Beautiful puppies - Nugget has grown so much that you can't just pick him out of the bunch by first sight - you have to actually take a good look to spot him.  Some of the puppies have gained 5-6 pounds since their 6 week check.

Happy Thanksgiving - hope everyone is able to celebrate with family.  There is a lot to be thankful for!