11 days have gone by quickly....the puppies are gaining nicely.  All but two (Ms Purple & Ms Green) have doubled their weights.  They are now all over 300 grams..Ms Green was the last to reach this milestone...I am still supplementing when necessary - she still seems to get tossed around when they're all trying to get a spot at the milk bar.

Their eyes are part way open - will be wide eyed in a few days.  They are moving around a bit more in the whelping box, especially when they're trying to seek out mom.  What a noisy bunch they are...when they are hungry they sing in unison.
At weigh in, they are a very laid back litter...they lie on the scale and let me get an accurate reading.  With my last litter, they were so wriggly it was hard to get the right reading.

Today's weights
Ms Purple   354 g  Ms Green  302g   Ms Pink 744g   Ms Orange  814g   Ms Yellow  354g
Mr Blue  656 g   Mr White  402g    Mr Orange  844 g