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Dream Litter News

Posted by Delores Smith on Saturday, September 14, 2013,
I have a great update for the upcoming Dream Litter - Jazz started her heat cycle on Friday so I anticipate and end of September mating with the handsome Duke.  That would make for end of November/beginning of December puppies.

Jazz (Bonett Bride  British Flame)

Duke (Tramin Karnaval Valik)

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And then there were two!

Posted by Delores Smith on Saturday, September 14, 2013,
Wow - what a change - we've gone from a herd/gaggle of goldens to a duo!  Still noisy though because Ms. Pink is still here - she's been the most vocal one of the bunch.  I've had a wonderful time meeting the new puppy owners - my pleasure!  3 were flown to BC on Thursday and I've heard back from all of them - everything went well. Ms. Purple leaves tomorrow and Ms. Pink leaves next weekend.

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Bitter Sweet

Posted by Delores Smith on Tuesday, September 10, 2013,

These days are bittersweet...5 puppies are living with their new forever families.  Sad to see them go but also glad that they are starting the rest of their life.  Bittersweet.  This picture is of Ms Orange  aka Escape Artist.  Picture taken just minutes before Allan and Cathy picked her up.  She has been amusing to say the least.  I sat with the remaining 6 puppies this evening and still marvelled at how beautiful they are...what a great litter.  1 year from now I'll be posting their 1 year...
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Tattoo Day

Posted by Delores Smith on Monday, September 2, 2013,
Another big day for the pups.  We choose to identify our pups by tattoing their right ear...a breeder friend of mine has the equipment and has been tattoing my litters for many years.  Today was the day - pups got another car ride - they did pretty good - just a couple of whiners on the way there.  As I post pictures this week, you will see some spots of green ink from the tattoing process - it comes off eventually.  The ear will have:   ENF       A      Numbers 1 - 11 will be in between the ...
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