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July 20th litter

Posted by Delores Smith on Saturday, June 30, 2012,
Just confirming that Jazz is definitely pregnant!  We decided not to do the ultrasound and wait (impatiently) for Jazz to start blossoming.  She looks great - definitely is carrying "a load" for Jul 20th - Confident she will be a natural at motherhood. 

Gloria is due two weeks later, and knowing Gloria, she will be jealous of Jazz.  Gloria is a great mother and will be very proud of her own pups when they're born. 

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2 Summer Litters

Posted by Delores Smith on Monday, June 11, 2012,
We are pleased to tell you that we are expecting 2 litters this summer.  Of course, that is, as long as nature takes the course we hope she does!  Jazz, Dinnye and Gloria started their heat cycles towards the end of May.  Because of the uncertainty of Duke being able to perform his duties, we made the decision to mate Jazz to Oz, a very nice English golden owned by a breeder friend of ours.  It appears the matings were successful and we estimate the date of birth will be July 20th.  We put Du...
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