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When life gives you lemons instead of lemonade

Posted by Delores Smith on Saturday, December 31, 2011,
This is a tough one to post.  We were handed a huge disappointment - or more accurately - 3 disappointments with the ultrasounds yesterday.  Vet confirmed that there were no puppies.  Moving forward, we will try again with their spring cycle.
Dion will start her heat around middle of January - we will try Duke again, working closely with our vet to ensure our best chance of a litter. I have sent emails to people on my waiting list asking to transfer their spot to Dion's litter.  If I did not e...
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Canine gestation calendar

Posted by Delores Smith on Thursday, December 29, 2011,
Canine Gestation Calendar
Zero to One *Breeding takes place. *Within a few days, the sperm reaches the eggs and fertilization occurs.
Two *The fertilized eggs make their way to the uterus for implantation. *You may notice behavioral changes in your dog. She may become moody or more affectionate.
Three *Implantation has taken place and the embryos begin to develop. *Your dog may begin to display mood swings, appetite changes and breast tissue development.
Four *Fetuses ca...

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Expanding waistlines

Posted by Delores Smith on Tuesday, December 27, 2011,
Measuring the girls' waistlines is something we do until due date - gives me reassurance that there is a pregnancy and subsequent growth of the puppies.  Gestation would be an average of 63 days.

Dinnye  33 inches or 84 cms  @ 46 days
Jazz    29.5 inches or 75 cms   @  42 days
Gloria   31 inches or 78.74 cms  @  41 days

Each dog is walked about 1/2 hour daily at least 5 days a week - it has been a perfect winter for this.  They should not be gaining weight or size unless they're pregnant - each h...
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Christmas Eve

Posted by Delores Smith on Saturday, December 24, 2011,
Merry Christmas Everyone!  Beautiful balmy 5 degress celsius in Manitoba today!  No snow...I could get used to this!
The jury is still out on whether to girls are pregnant.  Dinnye is day 42....Jazz day 37 and Gloria day 36.  They all LOOK pregnant but I'm just not sure.  Just measured all their girths and they all gained...they get daily exercise so I tend to think it's not from overeating or being lazy.  We will most likely take Jazz and Gloria for ultrasounds next week...if anything just pe...
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D, E & F Litter

Posted by Delores Smith on Sunday, December 11, 2011,
It's been a while since I've blogged!  Not a whole lot to update yet.  Dinnye, Jazz, and Gloria were all exposed to Duke during their heat cycles in November.  Too early too tell looking at them physically.  I don't think Dinnye is pregnant - don't think Duke had "figured things out" with her - we're quite alright with that as we were hoping 2 out of the 3 matings would take place.  Physically Gloria and Jazz both show small bulges, pink enlarged nipples so we are hopeful.  Will make a decisi...
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